THE footballer sent off in Worcester City’s 9-0 win over Racing Club Warwick saw red having claimed the referee had been "a bit racist".

Warwick’s Joe Smith was given his marching orders in the 42nd minute with the ball in play at the feet of visiting goalkeeper Charlie Bannister.


AS IT HAPPENED: City 9 Warwick 0

Man-in-the-middle Jordan Griffiths pulled out the red card without hesitation and it took around a minute for a visibly-agitated Smith to leave the pitch. He was eventually guided away by team-mates.

Smith said he had asked Griffiths three times how long there was left in the first half but got ignored and felt that was because of his colour, although he confirmed Griffiths had not made any comments of a racist nature towards him.

“I asked him three times how long was left and he just ignored me, then my team-mate Kev (Thornton) asked how long was left straight after I did and he replied to him straight away," said Smith. 

“Then another player from my team asked and he replied to him too, both of them are white and he answered them both but still did not reply to me.

“I said 'that's a bit racist' and he showed me a red card. I will be reporting him, I would like to get it dealt with as I felt victimised because of my colour.”

The referee’s report on the incident will be referred to Racing Club Warwick’s county association, the Birmingham FA.

Griffiths and Warwick assistant manager Tony Clarke, who took charge in the absence of boss Scott Easterlow, declined to comment.