WORCESTER City “would be finished in two years’ time” without an option to come home.

That is the stark warning from club director and supporters’ trust chairman Dave Wood as City chiefs attempt to end more than six years in exile.

Club shareholders and trust members were presented with two possible options to return to Worcester last week, one involving move to Sixways which included a takeover by Warriors owners Colin Goldring and Jason Whittingham. The other is to move to Worcestershire FA-owned (WFA) Claines Lane once redeveloped.

Goldring said last month that “it is not an option for them to come to Sixways now” on the back of his understanding the trust wants City to retain its fan-owned model but both club and trust are trying to rekindle talks.

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Supporters on social media appear to be backing the takeover plan ahead of a move to Claines Lane amid fears it could prove too costly and that a lack of facilities could hold City back.

But Wood argues club and trust know enough about both options to consider each of them viable and that one needs to be taken or risk time running out, anticipating funds may only stretch to running for two more seasons at the end of this one if outside the city.

“It is a work in progress but we have enough to base our decisions on, enough of a structure about what we think would happen to be able to make a decision,” he said.

“Finer details have to be sorted out, of course, but we are in early discussions with both parties."

He added: “It is about the survival of the football club and for me both options look viable.

“If we didn’t have an option to go forward this club would be finished in two years’ time, end of story.

“We have to look at ways to keeping the sustainability and history of the club and do that in a prudent, financially-sound manner. Both options give us the potential to do that.”

Asked whether that meant City would struggle to or no longer exist, Wood replied: “We would struggle.”

Club chairman Steve Goode continued: “It would be a struggle, finances come into everything and we would have to cut our cloth to what we could afford but it would be very difficult.

“The main objective is to get back to Worcester, when that happens things will change and this is such a crucial time.

“When we became directors we were looking at (a stadium at) Perdiswell, which was what I personally thought would happen, but it hasn’t and through no fault of our own. We tried everything we could.

“I am just a fan on that. I know Dave and his trust board has put in a lot of work but now we are in a position of fighting for survival more than anything.

“I am sure one of the options will come off, definitely, but we cannot say which one at the moment.”

Asked how confident he was, Goode replied: “I am completely confident one will come off, I just hope we have the choice of two on the table. Something has to happen and as a club we will do everything we can.”