THE Midland Football League has confirmed that the 2020/21 season suspension has been extended further to February 28 at the earliest.  

Clubs are expected to be asked via a Football Association survey on how they wish the season to be concluded, with growing fears the season may not be completed at all. 

The Southern Football League last weekend confirmed they would be voting for the season to be 'null and void' with no relegation or promotion but other clubs will have the choice to explain how they wish for it to be handled. 

The MFL confirmed on December 31 that the campaign would be put on hold till the end of January but fans will now be without football for at least another month. 

Worcester City have not yet received the survey from the FA and confirmed they have not yet decided on an outcome that suits them. 

Worcester Raiders are in the same boat but Malvern Town's chairman has sent his formal response, saying he is very much against a decision to null and void the 2020/21 season.