The funeral for one of Worcestershire's most popular footballing names, Terry Awford, will take place on Friday afternoon following his death at the end of January.

Terry was well renowned in the county for his contribution to local grassroots football, as well as being a loyal supporter of Worcester City Football Club.

Terry played for City on six occasions between 1960-66 and his son, Andy Awford, explained his dad's passion for the Worcestershire football scene.

"You couldn’t walk down a Worcester high street on a Saturday without someone stopping me or Dad to talk about football," said Andy.

"He was very well known in the Worcestershire area for football and I think that was down to his enthusiasm and will to want the best for football here in the county.

"Dad was very proud to have played for Worcester City and always remained a big fan. He was a Worcester man, born and raised, and was very proud to be form this city.

"His love for the game was just immense, a huge United fan, but they were very much his Premiership team and Worcester City were very much his second team, he would always look for their results and always wanted to go down.I loved those times hugely."

Andy recalls how influential his dad was for him personally, supporting him through his time at Worcester City and then on to over 300 appearances for Portsmouth in the Football League.

“Football has been my life and I owe a lot of that to my Dad," Andy added.

“From the moment I walked there was a football at my feet, Dad ran local teams, that’s the overriding memory I have and I would always go along with him and kick a ball about whilst I watched.

"He was very influential to me and he wouldn’t miss a game of mine, whoever it was, dad was at every game.

"The levels of commitment he gave to my cause was phenomenal and I always be very grateful for that, not just from a football perspective, but as a supportive parent."

But Terry's biggest passion was the grassroots game - developing talent in the area and always offering a hand to local clubs.

"He would help anybody locally, whoever needed some," Andy added.

"Dad managed the county youth team at one point but also at grassroots level he managed a number of different clubs

"He loved spotting talented players and always wanted to help them reach their potential and would want people to come out of Worcester and enjoy a successful career."